Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Day 101 - Tuesday 21st September: Orangey day

A scheduled rest day today, so I treated myself to a full hour long sports massage, but not after I'd visited the kind folk at KC Colour in Wantage again for them to dye my hair in preparation for running the marathon. I'd bleached my hair yesterday, and although I hadn't left it on quite long enough to make my hair completely white-blond, the yellowish hue I'd achieved was still a suitable base colour for the orange tint. Amy set to work and applied the colour to my hair. After 20 minutes she washed it off, and then applied a slightly darker one, as the first colour had only left me strawberry blond.

Half an hour later, and she washed my hair again to reveal... a light orangey colour. Not quite the vibrant lifeboat shade I was hoping for, but still enough to make me stand out a bit to aid my fundraising along for the next week. Then next Wednesday I'm back there again to have the colour topped up, and next time she's going to get a darker, more crazy colour! Watch this space!!

Then I nipped home to change, and back to Wantage to the leisure centre for my appointment with Sammy from inside & out body therapy. Last time I had a sport massage (a few days after I'd run 18 miles), I hardly felt a thing and wasn't sure it had been worth it. I'm not sure about today either, I've been so lucky not to have picked up any niggles in training this time around. Still, I have run over 80 miles since my last session, so she'll probably find something that needs ironing out with her elbows.

Ouch, ouch ouch! Blimey, did she find some tight muscles! Quite the most pleasurably painful massage I've had for a long while. Very tight calves. Very knotty hamstrings. My back was stiff, and my neck needed some rather intense treatment too. And then my quads needed some thorough work to finish off. She more than made up for last time's disappointment. I always say I don't feel I've got my money's worth unless she hurts me, and this week she more than earned the fee! Far from feeling bad because it was painful, I'm really happy that it was obviously important that I had this much needed massage. This will give me a final boost to my training to keep me in tip top shape in readiness for the marathon in just 12 day's time!

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