Saturday, 18 September 2010

Day 98 - Saturday 18th September: Rest

These scheduled rest days feel a bit weird. I'm keen to get out and run, but know that I need to stick to my training plan.

So, some more stats about my training so far. Although my average daily distance for the year is 3 miles (slightly less actually, now I've had two days off), I've only run on about half of these days. I've run 131 times in 8½ months, and spent 130 days resting or swimming or cycling or doing gym classes. That means my average run distance is 5.92 miles.

The full breakdown of these runs:
0.7m - 1m6
1m - 2m16
2m - 3m12
3m - 4m19
4m - 5m20
5m - 6m16
6m - 7m6
7m - 8m6
8m - 9m6
9m - 10m2
10m - 11m3
11m - 12m1
12m - 13m3
13.1m - 14m4
14m - 15m2
15m - 16m2
16m - 17m2
17m - 18m0
18m - 19m2
19m - 20m0
20m - 21m1
21m - 22m1
22m - 23m0
23m - 24m0
24m - 25m0
Total - 775m131

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Running 13.1 miles in memory of Carl

I ran the Silverstone Half Marathon on 15th March 2009. I managed the 13.1 mile course in 2 hours and 4 minutes. Not a bad effort for my first Half Marathon! I returned in 2010 to run it in 1 hour 54 minutes, and plan to do it again in 2011. I decided to run this in aid of The PSC Trust and PSC Support in memory of my brother Carl, who died from liver failure in November 1997. If you'd like to sponsor me for this - please email me at PSC Trust
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