Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Day 108 - Tuesday 28th September: Swim

Swim: 1000 metres
Time: 30 minutes

I delayed my Monday swim because of yesterday's unpleasantness at the dentist, and chose to do a simple 40 lengths this evening. Although it wasn't long before I wanted to up this to 50! No, no, a plan's a plan. I don't want to overdo it this week, I've a marathon to run on Sunday. The pool isn't too busy, but the main section does have a few people swimming up & down slowly. I head for the fast lane, even though there is one swimmer there who appears to be having some coaching. Hopefully we won't get in each other's way.

It's about 7.15pm and I set off in the fast lane. I pause at the end to adjust my nose-clip, then back for length two, kicking off for length three without stopping. Then the same pattern again. On the third pair of lengths, the other swimmer is at the end, so instead of pausing, I return to start length six straight away, and then think, why not swim all lengths without a pause now? The other swimmer eases past me as she does her fast length, but is waiting at the end getting some more tips from her coach. I touch the end, and kick off again back for my seventh.

Round about length 35 I lose count. Was that 36? Did I miss out 34? I remember counting to 33, am I on 37 now? I call it 35, and if I end up doing 42 lengths, so be it. I'll still call it 40. I surprise myself at how easy it seems to swim up and down, without pausing for a breather every other length. This is great. I'm so looking forward to spending a good 1½ hours in the pool in a couple of weeks, to see if I can swim 100 lengths in one session. No doubt I'll be back to the odd pause again now and then...

Thirty minutes later, and I reach the kilometre - 40 lengths. I even sprint the last one as usual, alternating my breathing after every third stroke, instead of after the fourth. And when I get out, I don't feel too tired either. If I don't get into London next April (we find out next week!) and I can't find another suitable spring marathon, I might look at a triathlon instead? Maybe...

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