Sunday, 26 April 2009

I've only blimmin well run a marathon!

Unofficially I reckoned I ran it in 4h31m02s

Officially FLM reckoned I ran it in 4h30m58s

5km 0:31:28 25km 2:40:32
10km 1:03:41 30km 3:12:56
15km 1:36:33 35km 3:46:19
20km 2:08:31 40km 4:18:11
half 2:15:33 finish 4:30:58

Too tired to blog properly. I shall do that later in the week. Suffice to say it was a GREAT DAY, and fab to meet up with other runners I've met online. Shame I didn't meet others, but with 36,000 people running at different times a bit difficult.

I did see my parents cheering both times on The Highway (miles 13 & 22), so that was a bonus!

Best wishes to everyone who did it today (and to anyone who had to pull out). Right then, who's up for doing it all again next year???!!!


Phil said...

Congrats mate!
Hope you're chuffed to bits with yourself.
It'd be no mean feat anyway, but the weather wasn't helpful, making it all the more impressive!

Rebecca Vincent said...

Congratulations, we knew you would do well, all so proud of your great acheivement. Did not manage to see you on television, perhaps next time you need to be dressed as a super hero, or a fairy??? They seemed to be the ones the reporters and cameras pick out of the masses. Any way, well done, and looking forward to seeing you soon. Love Rebecca and family

Heidi said...

Awesome achievement bro!! I hope you know how proud we are of you. H xx

Heidi said...

'need to be dressed as a ..fairy'...Rebecca, that's just cruel!!

Leigh said...

Well done Ulen,
You've done something truly amazing and something to be very proud of!

Alison Neale said...

Well done!

Mum said...

Dear Ulen,
We too are very proud of your efforts, and spectacular success. We had a good day, and were pleased that we saw you going both ways. (Not at the same time of course!) Very well done indeed. Now that you have signed up for next year we really do think you are 'masasaboxoffrogs'!!
Much love from Mum and Dad

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